Bring Nature Indoors with Miniature Bonsai Trees

Miniature Bonsai Trees are beautiful but do require a bit of care to keep them so. If you are not adverse to spending some time tending to your bonsai, then it is well worth the effort.

Feel fresh, revived and rejuvenated by adding natural plants like bonsai trees to
your décor.
The interior designers of today are adding more and more natural
elements inside the house for a relaxed, calm and a stress- free environment. As
people nowadays have less time to breathe in fresh air, walk in the garden or
bask in the sun, the designers are creating a nature friendly design for their

Indoor plants help in keeping the environment clean, but are also added for
decoration purpose, positive vibes that come out and air purification. Therefore
bonsai plants, money plants, bamboo plants are added to magnify the indoor

Bonsai tree
is easy to keep in the house, since it requires less maintenance. You can take
care of the bonsai by watering it regularly and providing it enough sunlight
and fresh air.

You can buy various types of plants online
depending on your choices and preferences. Plants that can be placed both
outdoor and indoor usage can be bought to give the décor a natural punch.
Plants like Bamboos, Peace Lilies, Bonsai, Dracaenas, and
Golden Pathos, Money Plants are widely used as indoor plants. Plants can be
placed anywhere in and outside house. You can add a natural appeal to the house
by putting these plants on the entrance gate, staircase and verandah or in the
lawn. The pots crafted with ceramic, fiber and glass will give the natural
plants an enhanced look and your home a refined natural appeal. Choose natural
plants according to the space available at your home as they are available in
all sizes.

Miniature Bonsai Tree Decor
People today are adding nature to their décor 

Ø Make sure your house is well
ventilated, so that natural air passes each and every corner of your house. Better
ventilation makes the home a brighter and better place to live in.

Ø The home should be naturally lighted
so that you don’t need CFL’s and tube lights to light up the room even during
the day.

Ø Include candles for décor purposes,
lighting candles will also keep the place warm and cozy in winters.

Ø Adding wood into the interiors is an
easy way to keep your home warm. It can be added in the form of flooring,
ceilings and other furniture.

Ø Add more and more indoor plants that require
low or no maintenance.

Ø Bring in colored pebbles, stones,
shells or sand and give a natural touch to your décor.


Now You Can Get A Donald Trump Pinata With A Really Big Mouth In Mexico

Now You Can Get A Donald Trump Pinata With A Really Big Mouth In Mexico


Wow! people are quick to catch onto trending people in the media – Check out what you can get now in Mexico – A Donald Trump Pinata!

Crafted by artisan Dalton Avalos Ramirez, this Donald Trump pinata lets people take out their aggression on the crazy billionaire and reap sweet rewards in the process. Image courtesy of Politic365

Donald Trump is receiving immortality in Mexico, but not in the way you’d expect.

After making a series of hateful and judgmental comments about Mexicans during his speech announcing his run for…

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Apology for Trump on UrRepublic

Author: urrepublic

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Do we really want this crazy man to run the country? Maybe not, but he does throw a monkey wrench in the status quo workings of our dysfunctional government…

Trump, Smarter Than You

Say what you will about Donald Trump but the man is exciting. Within minutes of bringing his comb over, in your face style and strong name ID to the main stage of the Republican primary field, people started freaking out as his popularity rose. This excitement is not owing to some grand policy insight, his pledge to build a great wall or his excoriation of China and Mexico. What excites people about him is his authenticity.

Whether you love Trump or want to dump Trump, there is one consistent philosophy about the man: he feels authentic. Even for those who believe he is a jackass, he is inarguably authentic. Trump is supported by several million “McCrazies” and climbing in the polls because Americans want our politicians to be real.

In this respect, he is an anomaly amongst modern politicians. Trump stands out in high relief on the Republican stage and in stark contrast to any contender on the Left save, perhaps, for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Inauthentic as many Republicans may be, Democrats have raised inauthenticity to a level approaching naked fear.

Consider former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who is a good example of what politicians on the Left are afraid of and how authenticity is anathema to their political success. During the Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix last week, O’Malley dared to tell conference crashers and attendees that, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” In a moment, O’Malley became real. But even though his support for the notion that human life matters may be as politically courageous as supporting, say, oxygen, that same moment cast this white Democrat who supports liberal black causes as persona non grata.

What O’Malley said in essence was, ‘Hold-up, I get your cause but my life matters too. Everybody’s life matters.’ He wasn’t saying black lives don’t matter; he wasn’t denying the issues surrounding criminal justice and those of darker skin. He was simply offering up from his heart that he gets us, he hears us, and that every life matters.

His authentic, albeit simplistic, position was so controversial that he was forced to recant and hide his real self. His fellow liberals forced him to be fake, inauthentic and to ultimately apologize for the sin of being himself and valuing all lives. That is the story of the Left and most politicians in general; they don’t dare reveal their realness.

Hillary Clinton certainly won’t reveal anything about herself, real or otherwise. She hides herself from the media under the guise of ‘listening’ to voters. What is a better symbol for hiding than the placement of a government email server in your own home? As for Bernie Sanders, he is actually more aligned with Trump than any of his Democrat rivals. At least he’s authentic enough to tell people up front that he’s a socialist (Academically, he is a redistributionist not a socialist but what the heck?).

No one on the Democratic political stage today is more inauthentic than President Obama. While running for president in 2008, he had to disavow the ravings of his pastor who preached to him for 20 years. Candidate Obama told America that marriage is a union of one man and one woman. Now that he occupies the White House, it is bathed in a gay pride rainbow of floodlights. Obama said that he couldn’t unilaterally suspend deportation and then alters immigration law through executive fiat.

I was plenty upset during the big government years of George W. Bush but at least when he opened his mouth, you knew what you were getting. By the same token, you may not like Trump’s gasbaggery but his authenticity is no superficial patina; it is the real deal.

Even Trump’s hypocrisy is authentic. Regarding his donations to Democrats he told Sean Hannity that as a businessman he wasn’t stupid, “So, what am I going to do, contribute to Republicans… for my whole life when…against some Democrat. And the most they can get is one percent of the vote.” Trump’s move from pro-choice to pro-life was a gradual shift not an overnight flip based on some pollster’s advice. His trajectory on these matters has been anything but linear.

Humans are always inconsistent, contradictory and have a fleeting mind. F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” So, just maybe, Trump is a whole lot smarter than you.

An apology for Trump

This article, in its entirety, was originally posted on Town Hall.

Author: urrepublic