Upside Down Dogs That Will Make Your Day

11 Cute Upside Down Dogs That Will Make Your Day

There’s nothing cuter than pictures of dogs that are upside down. Here are 11 upside down dogs that is sure to brighten your day and put a big smile on your face! Some of them are funny, some are silly, some are just too darn cute and some of them are a combination of all 3! What is it about dogs that makes us smile? Sometimes, with all the serious stuff in the news, we need a smile break.

Because this is the best face for a Bernese Mountain Dog to make – source


Because this dog thinks he’s just the bomb – source

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Russell Brand’s Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Out to Rivals

Russell Brand Lays Down the Ice Bucket Challenge Gauntlet

Russell Brand has been making headlines recently with his pithy and very funny video critiques of his marks on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Russell has recently challenged arch nemesis Sean Hannity to take the Ice Bucket plunge. Manning up and leading by example, Brand has done the Ice Bucket Challenge himself on Youtube while simultaneously laying down the gauntlet not only to Hannity but also to British Prime Minister David Cameron and ex BBC Newsnight anchorman Jeremy Paxman. 

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” is a massive viral phenomenon that started among a few people wanting to support funding for the battle against ALS – AKA: Lou Gehrig’s Disease and has rapidly evolved into a juggernaut involving 1,000′s of average folks as well as top celebrities.

The ALS association has reported that the Ice Bucket Challenge craze has raised a whopping $42 million dollars since the phenomenon started in late July, greatly raising awareness for ALS in the Process!


Russell Brand Does The Ice Bucket Challenge

It would not be difficult to imagine that the Ice Bucket Challenge will spark a wave of similar dares among celebs and everyone else, and could even escalate to feats and challenges that will make dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head seem rather tame.

Why Finding a Job Is A Lot Like Dating

There’s always been two things that have made me feel awkward: dating and locating employment. I believe there’s a deep connection between both. For me, dating is a whole lot like locating new employment, and when you start to consider it in this way you could start to locate success in one or both endeavors.

In either case, I felt a little judged, exposed and sized-up. The procedure of going to a job interview was sort of like preparing for a date: the garments really did not match right, I constantly looked in the mirror, and I wondered what to say.

It wasn’t until recently that I made the connection between dating and finding a job.

I got to thinking about how out of my element I feel with employers. I feel that we don’t speak the same language and that even though I’m really talented and could verify myself if provided a possibility, nobody intends to provide me a chance. I believe many others have actually experienced something similar, as well.

It’s the same when dating. I began to ask myself whether I was appealing or comical or if there was simply something naturally incorrect with me. I feel similarly when trying to find a job: is there something naturally out of place when it concerns me getting in touch with an employer or searching job listings

As it turns out, I discovered success in dating. I have actually been happily married for 2 years now to a fantastic person. I accomplished this due to the fact that I just chose to stop trying to please others. I accepted what I was, focused on my high quality, and for a year I kept to just appreciating my life. I completed tasks, began reviewing exciting publications, and started learning to speak Russian.

I really did not do this to make sure that I could look a lot more appealing to some individual or company; I did it due to the fact that I wished an excellent life for myself. instantly, I satisfied almost everyone. Most people started appreciating most every thing that I did and was. I was just straightforward. I wasn’t terrified to be myself.

Finding a Job

You can not be every little thing to everybody, and you know what? Do not even try. If you feel that you need to go above and past what you feel comfortable with, the job isn’t really worth it.

A smart company immediately views the worth in a job prospect. They don’t only see your abilities today or what you performed in the past (although those are likewise vital); they view what you could supply them 10 years from now. They need your desire to develop a team environment and to make a difference. If they do not see that, then it’s not an excellent match and you’re far better off searching for better job opportunities.

below are my tips for landing an excellent job. They match the same rules I adhered to for having an excellent marital relationship:

Understand and cherish your worth. It’s what you can offer and what you can supply. You do need to supply something; it’s about getting yourself to recognize it. Maybe you are creative, have grit, or you love to motivate others and you do it really well. Take advantage of those things.

Do not be bashful. While you don’t wish to sound obnoxious or conceited, don’t be ashamed of your accomplishments. You did accomplish them, did you not? Examine the incredible things you have done, be proud of them, and let the company know about them. Let them understand that you really did not do those things so you could be outstanding; you did them due to the fact that it was part of your personal set of talents and drive.

It’s not a one-way street. Finding a job feels like it is though, as if you’re the one trying to court an employer. It isn’t really. In fact, it’s important that you likewise attempt to evaluate them, and make it clear (without being rude about it) that you are sizing them up to see whether or not they’re an excellent fit for you. This is important, due to the fact that you wish to end up working at a place that fits in with your values and work style.

Make demands. I don’t mean that you need to ask for things you really do not want. However, if you don’t believe that a certain job will fairly compensate for your extensive experience, negotiate with them. This isn’t really just about money: it’s about free time, your work style, and so on. If you see that there are things that aren’t absolutely in agreement with your style and knowledge, then you may want to reconsider. You could likewise simply proceed, however don’t take a low-paying job due to the fact that the “economy’s bad” or due to the fact that “no one is hiring” for your position today. Do not opt for less. Expect something more for yourself.

Eventually, as you start to use the above understandings, you’ll find yourself radiating self-confidence and knowledge. You’ll discover yourself saying the right things. Success is something we show with the choices we make.

What do you believe it requires to locate the best job for you? How do you look for jobs – employment agencies, job boards, or job search?

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Finding Freelance Photography Jobs

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Photography Jobs

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