Jimmy Kimmel Berates Death of Cecil the Lion

Jimmy Kimmel is upset over a Minnesota Dentist’s killing of Cecil the Lion. The lion was lured outside of a game reserve in Zimbabwe and shot by the dentist with a bow and arrow. Cecil did not die immediately and had to be tracked and shot with a firearm some 40 hours later. The dentist, known to have killed big game animals in the past, is the target of a great deal of public anger as the story goes viral in the US and abroad.

Cecil the Lion was wearing a radio tracking collar at the time of his death. Something that the hunter did not know at the time of the shooting. Kimmel expressed the frustration of many who cannot grasp the senseless killing of animals for enjoyment.

Kimmel asked for donations wildlife preservation group who had previously been keeping track of the lion. To donate, visit http://www.wildcru.org/

Source: Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion – YouTube

8 of The Top Gardening DIY Projects on Pinterest

Here are some of the most popular DIY gardening projects on Pinterest. These projects can increase the beauty of your garden and make gardening easier. Start one of these gardening DIY projects today, and please be sure to share or pin your favorites! 

1. DIY covered greenhouse garden: a removable cover to protect your plants

Cover your plants in short order!

Source: Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

2. An attractive walkway made from pallet boards

Make a pallet wood walkway for your garden from easy to get pallet boards. This is an easy, yet attractive gardening project.

Source: (1) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

3. Functional cinder block raised garden

Have any cinder blocks laying around? Make this raised garden with them in no time and top it off with those clover leaf screen blocks with moss growing in it for a softer look.

Source: (3) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

4. DIY Tiki Torches

DIY Tiki Torches made from copper piping.

Source: (3) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

5. Check out this awesome fire pit! I can finally put all those leftover cobblestones to use, now.

This beautiful fire pit can be constructed from a variety of used cobblestones or brickwork – use your imagination and add your own personal touch.

Source: (3) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

6. How-To: Mason Jar Beehives

How-To: Mason Jar Beehives — get your honey made right in the jar!

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7. Giant Copper Rain Shower

Imagine having this Giant Copper Rain Shower in your garden on hot summer days

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8. Small Greenhouse Made From Old Antique Windows

This is a brilliant idea, build the frame and attach the doors with hinges, a little paint and you’re done!

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Cheap Housing Solution: Build a Cabin in a Weekend

Housing is usually our greatest expense. Here is a solution for those who don’t require too much luxury and don’t mind a little hard work. These cabins can be build for under $5000 in one weekend

Standard homes are prohibitively expensive. Under the current economic conditions, people are looking for working alternatives to going in debt for 15 or 30 years. A cabin is the perfect solution for student and young people just starting out.

Source: Aquaponics 4 You