8 of The Top Gardening DIY Projects on Pinterest

Here are some of the most popular DIY gardening projects on Pinterest. These projects can increase the beauty of your garden and make gardening easier. Start one of these gardening DIY projects today, and please be sure to share or pin your favorites! 

1. DIY covered greenhouse garden: a removable cover to protect your plants

Cover your plants in short order!

Source: Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

2. An attractive walkway made from pallet boards

Make a pallet wood walkway for your garden from easy to get pallet boards. This is an easy, yet attractive gardening project.

Source: (1) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

3. Functional cinder block raised garden

Have any cinder blocks laying around? Make this raised garden with them in no time and top it off with those clover leaf screen blocks with moss growing in it for a softer look.

Source: (3) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

4. DIY Tiki Torches

DIY Tiki Torches made from copper piping.

Source: (3) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

5. Check out this awesome fire pit! I can finally put all those leftover cobblestones to use, now.

This beautiful fire pit can be constructed from a variety of used cobblestones or brickwork – use your imagination and add your own personal touch.

Source: (3) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

6. How-To: Mason Jar Beehives

How-To: Mason Jar Beehives — get your honey made right in the jar!

Source: Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

7. Giant Copper Rain Shower

Imagine having this Giant Copper Rain Shower in your garden on hot summer days

Source: Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

8. Small Greenhouse Made From Old Antique Windows

This is a brilliant idea, build the frame and attach the doors with hinges, a little paint and you’re done!

Source: (2) Pinterest: Discover and save creative ideas

Cheap Housing Solution: Build a Cabin in a Weekend

Housing is usually our greatest expense. Here is a solution for those who don’t require too much luxury and don’t mind a little hard work. These cabins can be build for under $5000 in one weekend

Standard homes are prohibitively expensive. Under the current economic conditions, people are looking for working alternatives to going in debt for 15 or 30 years. A cabin is the perfect solution for student and young people just starting out.

Source: Aquaponics 4 You

Obsession Phrases: New Guide for Attracting a Man and Keeping Him

There are a lot of programs and books for men on how to attract women, but not as much is available for women on the subject of attracting men and getting a man to commit… until now. Relationship expert Kelsey Diamond has created a new and powerful relationship program called Obsession Phrases for women that exposes groundbreaking phrases and techniques that work on men’s subconscious and strong natural drives to protect, nurture, treasure and adore women. get-him-to-commit

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The Obsession Phrases program focuses on well researched, but simple phrases that women can say to a man that may have little impact on his conscious mind, but can trigger intense responses in that part of a man’s mind that controls emotions. These Emotional Trigger Phrases, or ETPs have long been used in hypnotherapy to reduce depression, stop smoking, or create any number of positive emotional responses as requested by clients.

Most men are not as in touch with their emotions as women are, and women often have trouble reaching that part of their man. Obsession Phrases provides a way for women to communicate directly with the emotional and feeling part of men – that part that men may have trouble accessing themselves! It’s surprising how quickly these emotional trigger phrases can stimulate powerful feelings and responses.


Getting a man interested is only the beginning however. Women are looking to find ways to keep a man interested for the long haul. Getting a man to commit to a long-term relationship has often been a difficult problem for women. Kelsey Diamond has not just created a program to break the ice on a dinner date. She has discovered powerful trigger phrases for all types of situations and stages of a relationship.

There is the “Love Cocktail” phrase for the common situation when a boyfriend, or ex boyfriend has stopped calling or drifted away in a relationship. the Love Cocktail phrase can even be used in a phone conversation. This phrase is designed to spark feelings of longing and trigger him to feel he needs his lady back immediately and will encourage him to rekindle the emotional connection as soon as possible.

Kelsey has developed the “Everlasting Attraction” phrase for that period in a relationship when a guy has proven himself to be “a keeper”. this phrase stimulates a man to make the realisation that he has found a real treasure and wants to be with his woman exclusively, seeing her as his soulmate.

The Obsession Phrases relationship guide cannot solve all problems or deal with all aspects of a relationship, but what it can do is provide women with a much needed and powerful tool that will enable them to reach the sometimes aloof emotional center of her man. She can spark sometimes dormant, but natural and positive feelings and drives in her man that can help create that healthy and lasting relationship that is all too rare these days but is really the ultimate goal for both men and women.


Obsession Phrases is a complete guide that offers not only a set of powerful Emotional Trigger Phrases, but also the “Man Dictionary” – a handy reference for understanding men. as well as “The Mind Reader Report“, which gives insight into how a woman can know what’s on her man’s mind even when he is in ‘silent mode’. Obsession Phrases really offers something new under the sun in regards to helping women create strong and lasting romantic relationships and many users of Kelsey Diamond’s program have reported some amazing and fast results and lasting positive changes in their men.