Metal Detecting Can Be Fun!

Last night I made the trip up to the near by town of Donnybrook to take a look at the local fun park. This park is the largest in the south west, and one of the biggest in all of Western Australia. What makes it unique (besides the fact it is massive) is that the entire place was funded by local sponsors and businesses, and maintenance costs are paid through donations.

As you can see in the picture there is a lot of sand. Metal detector in hand I began my search at dusk starting in the far side of the park and working my way to the other end.

It took me about 4 hours to cover the whole park using my Teknetics T2 fitted with the 11 inch DD coil, and I collected a whole range of weird and wonderful debris. Unfortunately my coil hasnt been too great since I cracked the casing and got the inside wet so there is a good chance I missed a few things.

Above is a picture of the loot once i had sorted it, and thrown out most the trash. I was amazed at how many $2.00 coins were in the park, as I managed to net $16.00 worth of them. That is a new record for me.

All up the loot was well over $20.00 in coins plus two charms and I managed to scoop up yet another cheap ring.

As you can see, my ring collection has really blossomed over the last 3 months with 6/7 being found recently. A great metal detecting collection!

When combined with my loot from previous hunts it became apparent that I was becoming quite successful. Hopefully this trend will continue in the coming weeks as the beaches and parks see plenty of attention from holidaying school children and tourists.

Writers note: When hunting in the sand be careful. I have pulled quite a few strange things out in my time, such as broken blades and a still sharp pair of surgical scissors. Keep an eye out for syringes and be sure to wear protective gloves if digging in a dodgy area. For any advice or questions in regards to searching with a metal detector please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

P.S – For those who are curious, I have amassed around about $50.00 of coins in total.

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Pine River End of Season

This morning, I got up early to finish the regular season in the same place I started it – on the Pine River in Waushara County.

I was on the river before sunrise. It turned out to be a sunny day, and the best fishing was up until about 8:30. After that, it started getting pretty bright, and the fish went into hiding.

I ended up catching six brown trout.

On the way home, I stopped for a swim at Hartman Creek State Park. I’m guessing that might be my last outside swim for a while!

Author: spin4trout

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