iPhone Alternative: Meet the Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi iPhone Clone At Half The Cost

Xiaomi has recently launched its newest flagship smartphone called the Mi4, which has been named “Another iPhone Clone” respectively. At a price of $320 for the entry model, it’s seems like a great deal at less than half the cost compared to the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. With a steel frame upgrade on the Xiaomi Mi4, it may be a serious threat to Apple & Samsung in the emerging markets.

This quad core beast and iPhone alternative is half the price of a comparable iPhone!

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Move Over Grumpy Cat – Crabby Kitty

I’m a bit crabby today »

funny cat

Grumpy Cat finally gets some competition from the younger generation. Say hello to Crabby Kitty!

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Aqua Skipper: The Waterbird – Total Awesomeness!

The “Aqua Skipper“, or “Waterbird” is a human-powered hydrofoil – it is a small hydrofoil watercraft propelled entirely by the muscle power of its operator. This is an awesome new invention that combines the fun of watersports with a workout machine. The only drawbacks I see are:

  • This device should not be used by non swimmers, unless they a wearing a life jacket and are fully aware of the risks they are taking.
  • You will need some sort of raised platform to get started, if you stop and sink, you will need to swim while towing the device to somewhere suitable for relaunching.

Nevertheless, this is a wonderful device, cudos to the inventor and development team!  The device comes from Invest.com and can be purchased from Amazon for less than $500.

I can see future olympic sports being designed around this new, manually powered mini-hydrofoil!


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5 Things We Learned About the NFL Pre-Season

They say you can’t learn that much from the NFL pre-season, I totally disagree. Here are 5 things we learned from pre-season.


1) Johnny Manziel will never be an elite quarterback- I was doing a podcast recently, and I said, “Johnny Manziel’s prototype has never worked long term in the NFL” a fan called in and said, “Fran Tarkenton was the same size as Manziel, and he is in the Hall of Fame.” This is whom we are comparing Manziel to now. A quarterback who last played in 1978? Here is why Johnny Manziel will never be a great quarterback

  • He is undersized, He is 6’0 195-205lbs. Quarterbacks like RGIII and Michael Vick can’t stay healthy in the NFL, if you are going to be considered a running quarterback you have to have great size and strength. Colin Kaepernick is 6’4 230lbs. He can run over some linebackers and defensive backs. There has never been a quarterback of Johnny Manziel’s size who has had long-term success. Manziel doesn’t have elite speed. Andrew Luck had a faster 40-yard dash time. One of the reasons why Manziel made an obscene gesture to the Washinton Redskins sideline was because someone yelled to Manziel,”We are all faster than you here, this isn’t college.”
  • He has an average arm in division that plays all their games outdoors and in cold weather. To be successful in the AFC North you have to have a strong arm. Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco have had great success throwing the ball in December in the snow and wind.
  • In 4 pre-season games Manziel was 30-59 in passing attempts. That is barely  50%. Teams play basic cover patterns in the NFL during pre-season. The defensive schemes are sophomoric at best. No team wants to show all of their defensive packages. Yet Maziel, who played against a lot of 2nd and 3rd stringers, couldn’t complete a higher percentage.


2)   The San Francisco 49ers are an absolute mess-  SF coach Jim Harbaugh has been to three straight NFC championship games. Yet, in the off-season, there were rumors that the 49ers were trying to trade him. They basically treated Harbaugh like a disgruntled overpriced, veteran player. I don’t understand why? The 49ers were mired in mediocrity for years before Harbaugh arrived. Open the bank and pay the man what he is worth. The 49ers have had players injured and players suspended for violating the leagues drug policy. Over the past 3 years SF has had 10 players arrested. That is the most arrests out of any team in the NFL. (The Detroit Lions have had 9 players arrested and the Tampa Bay Bucs have had 8 players arrested.) Things are about to get a lot worse for the 49ers, defensive tackle Ray McDonald was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence early Sunday. McDonald is looking at minimum suspension of 6 games. With the salary cap, it is hard to have a deep and balanced roster in the NFL. So these injuries and suspensions will be hard to overcome. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Harbaugh was coaching the University of Michigan next year or if the Oregon Ducks underachieve, Look for him to get paid big money to go back to the PAC-12 and coach Oregon. 


3) Roger Goodell proved that it is never a wrong time to do the right thing- Goodell suspended Ravens running back Ray Rice for two games on a domestic violence charge. Ray Rice knocked his wife out unconscious. The media and anyone outside of Baltimore were outraged by Goodell’s leniant decision. Last week Goodell admitted that it was a mistake on his part. The NFL announced new guidelines for how the league will handle incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault. Effective immediately, violations of the Personal Conduct Policy regarding assault, battery, domestic violence or sexual assault that involve physical force will be subject to a suspension without pay of six games for a first offense. The league may choose to make a suspension longer or shorter depending on various factors. A second offense will result in banishment from the NFL. Out of bad, a good thing has happened. NFL players have gone to long without being responsible for their violent actions off the field. Goodell admitted he was wrong and did something about it. Players are looking at a lifetime ban after two incidences.


4) Tony Dungy was 100% wrong about Michael Sam being a distraction. – Dungy said, he wouldn’t draft Michael Sam because he would be a huge distraction. Dungy was instrumental in helping convicted Dog Killer, Michael Vick, back into the NFL. Sam hasn’t been a distraction. As a matter of fact, ESPN tried to report on Sam’s showering habits. ESPN quickly apologized for their unprofessional reporting. Johnny Manziel has been more of a distraction than Sam has ever been, shame on Dungy.


5) The NFL needs to shortened the number of pre-season games- No one watches the 4th game of the NFL pre-season. It is basically a game for the 2nd and 3rd stringers. It is ugly to watch and the game means nothing. The NFL should have training camp for an extra week and start the season after the 3rd pre-season game. It makes no sense to play your starters in the 3rd pre-season game for 2-3 quarters and than sit your starters in the 4th pre-season game.


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