Photo Effects with a DSLR Camera

I love photography but I am not a technical wizard. I love to be creative with my picture taking but it is difficult and not very fun to deal with the intricacies of Adobe PhotoShop, or generally to deal with all the complex issues involved in juggling the more complex aspects of trick photography. Fantastic photo effects don’t have to be tedious though.TrickPhotography and photo effects with a DLSR camera

I guess I am right brain dominate to a large degree. I am a very creative person but I do not get into math, so I was overjoyed to find that one can be very creative with photography and to be able to do this with my DLSR camera without being a rocket scientist or artistic genius.

Photo effects light sculpture

Evan Sharboneau has written a very straightforward ebook about how amazing photo effects can be done with a DLSR camera. The techniques are not about computer algorithms but rather just manipulating the camera’s settings or in fact just the subject matter of the photograph in original ways. Amazing trick photography with a DLSR Camera

If you are an artistic person but not into number crunching you might find his methods fun and even very profitable. Photos like you see on this page are in high demand and knowing the simple techniques involved plus a little added creativity can be the key to the rare type of career that is both fun and lucrative.Trick photography ebook with a DLSR camera

Look at the above photo, can you guess how this was done? Believe it or not it involves using a very simple technique that requires patience and artistic creativity but can be mastered in just an hour or two of practice. It’s a blast to do once you get the hang of it.

DLSR photo effects

In the above photo Evan is being his own model and using a multiple exposure technique and other techniques that create a dramatic effect. Try some trick photography, if you know how it’s not so hard.



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