Canning Tangy and Juicy Cherry Tomatoes – Simple Cherry Tomato Pickle Recipe

Do you still have cherry tomatoes coming in? Why not try this tasty canning recipe and make some pickled cherry tomatoes. The recipe is super simple and only takes a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. I can’t wait to crack open a jar of these during the deepest parts of winter and remember the sweet taste of summer! Recipe Referenced: “Ball Canning Pickled Grape Tomatoes“, modified with apple cider vinegar and basil instead of rosemary. Thanks for watching and if you haven’t subscribed, hit that button to stay in touch with us!

Pickled cherry tomatoes are a nice change-up from the standard cucumber pickles. They are tangy, juicy and make a great addition to that late-summer grill out.  This recipe works great with grocery store cherry tomatoes as well of course.

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