Canning Tomatoes in Bulk – Fall Tomatoes are The Tastiest!

Canning tomatoes in bulk in the fall is an excellent idea! Fresh tomatoes are so much better in the summer, they taste like fruit. One doesn’t have to forego tomatoes in the winter if they are canned using these cool tips.

Get your hands on some tomatoes now, before the season ends. The best tomatoes for canning and eating are the ones that come at the end of the growing season. There is an abundance of tomatoes right now and you can get a great deal on a bulk buy from your local farmer’s market. Buy organic if you can, they taste better.

Don’t worry too much about dark spots on the tomatoes, be sure to boil the tomatoes until they crack a little bit. Peel the tomatoes. Use the water from boiling if you want to add a little water to the jars with the tomatoes -this will increase the flavor. Try not to add much extra water and keep all the juice from cutting the tomatoes and add to the jars. Add a few leaves of basil to the jars. Boil the jars for at least 45 minutes – tomatoes are safe for water bath canning.

Listen for that satisfying pop as the jars cool!

Canning tomatoes in bulk in the fall the right way will allow you to enjoy fresh tomato recipes all winter long while avoiding the higher-priced and less tasty grocery store tomatoes available in the winter.

For the full recipe and breakdown of how we preserved all these tomatoes, check this link out…

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