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Does Your Fall Garden Include Cover Crops?

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Now is the time to start thinking about what your garden is going to look like in the winter? 

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How much food are you planning on growing this winter? I realize that the answer to this question will vary depending on the person and the property. Some people have greenhouse setup and cold frames that will grow food in a very effective way.

For most people, it’s a time to cover the garden with tarps and go back to supermarket vegetables. There is another option for those of you who are heavy duty growers in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. You can pump your garden’s growing power up in a hurry with a cover crop.

What Do  Cover Crops Do? 

There are many benefits when it comes to cover crops. Cover crops are a great way of imparting nitrogen back into your soil. You see, most plants are going to sap that nitrogen from your soil. When you plant something like red clover, these plants really pump nitrogen back into the soil. 

Another thing they do is to protect against compaction. Compaction is a big deal and it chokes your roots. You need aerated soil that allows for easy growth of roots. This can be tough if you are dealing with hard, compacted soil. 

What is Green Manure? 

Most cover crops are going to die after the first frost. That is ok! 

You see, you are basically going to take what you need from those cover crops while they are alive. They will keep weeds from seeding your garden in the fall and then they will die off. You dont clear these cover crops. Leave them there to decompose and cover your soil through the winter. 

This decomposing material will feed your soil again! That is the full power of the cover crop. You cannot grow food in that area but you can prepare your soil for a great growing season in spring. 

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