Drama on My Facebook Page. Haters and Grammar Police.

Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

There’s drama on Midlife Margaritas FB page again. This time it’s over a little meme I shared from Snarky Breeders. So I’m throwing her under the bus too. lol Here’s the meme in question:

Just to be clear. I love ALL lifeguards. But THIS was just someone’s little sarcastic meme that made me chuckle. Now some people are losing their minds. lol I totally never (on purpose anyway) try to offend anyone. I have even had a few lifeguards message me that they thought this was hilarious. However, not everyone thinks it’s funny. So…

I want people to just chillax. It’s ok to snicker at inappropriate things. My blog and Social Media pages are just for fun. A place to hang out and giggle. If you don’t like something, here are some suggestions:

  1. Keep Scrolling. The next one might make you laugh.
  2.  Roll your eyes to the sky and say out loud, “what was she thinking posting this?”
  3.  If you can’t get past one stupid meme, find a tamer page to entertain you.
  4.  Leave a comment about how you feel about it. Disclaimer: other commenters may chime in and WWIII may start.

Side note: I won’t delete comments. Even nasty ones to or about me. Everyone has their say. UNLESS you use more profanity than I would, you get too nasty with another commenter, or you use weird sexual language that I don’t understand. Then shit gets deleted. My feelings do not get hurt. I have thick skin.

My blog is all about telling you about my life’s journey with humor and sarcasm. I can find humor in the worst places but what the hell. YOLO right? If I can help someone or make someone chuckle especially when they are having a bad day, then I have accomplished something. That’s my goal.

Everyone has their opinions. I have mine. But I chose to put my opinions on my page. I usually try to bite my tongue when other people post things on their own page that they should have thought twice about posting. But that’s their business and I have enough manners to leave well alone. And just scroll on by…

Love me or leave me. Or at least have a margarita with me!

Now for the Grammar Police. I am a college educated girl. One of my biggest peeves is GRAMMAR. However, I tend to make grammar typos more often the older I get. I will give anyone 100 points to find my typos and point them out! Go for it! Like the other night I posted a meme and knew I had something wrong but I was on my 5th White Russian and was like, F it! I’m posting it anyway! lol Here ya:

See the grammar error? lol Boy do you guys not miss anything?! lol That created a brew-ha-ha too. But I have thick skin…lol

Between my blog and social media accounts for the blog, I have around 12,000 fans right now. I wish I could make all of you smile and laugh and cry tears of joy. But that’s not humanly possible. The take-away here is that I wish I could. I love all of you. Even if you don’t like me. 🙂 So my wish for you today is:

Peace Love and Margaritas!

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