Escape The City with Airbnb

Life in the city can be stressful. I didn’t know how much tension and stress I had built-up in my life until I recently spent a few days in the country. My partner and I chose Airbnb because it is convenient and there were plenty of customer reviews to help pick a great location. She selected a nice cabin in White County, TN.

As soon as we got out of Nashville and out on the backroads I felt the stress and tension start to fade. White County, TN is very rural. It has rolling hills, waterfalls, working farms, and widely-spaced, beautiful homes with immaculately groomed lawns. We both felt a sense of peace as we arrived at our chosen get-away.

Escape the city

I’ve had many vacations with a tight itinerary – trying to see and do as many things as possible. A typical vacation involves racing from place to place, only to stand in line with scads of other people. Too much of what could be precious down-time is spent buying souvenirs, paying for expensive lunches or tickets to attractions, and even dodging the hucksters and pickpockets that often frequent typical tourists traps.

My plan for this getaway, however, was different. I wanted to do as little as possible. I wanted to be slightly bored, cook simple meals on a grill, take walks in the woods, and simply enjoy some peace and quiet away from traffic jams and long lines so typical of life in the city.

As it turned out, our vacations was a great success. We did get a little bored without the Internet and television, but the sense of peace and quiet that washed over us and seeped into our bones more than made up for the lack of access to the wasteland that is popular media and entertainment these days.

peace and quiet

It was great to see so many stars at night while the countless ‘lightning bugs’ put on an amazing show for us as we listened to our hosts playing guitar and singing in the distance. No doubt we will opt for more of these do-nothing vacations. The best part may have been the fact that we felt more at ease and relaxed as we resumed our normal activities in the city the following week. We all feel the need to escape the city now and then, try it, you may be amazed at how relaxing a few days in the country can be.

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