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Everyone’s favorite liberal, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), thinks she now speaks for Americans, as evidenced by her tweet calling Trump’s proposed wall a ‘symbol of hate.’

Americans reject @realDonaldTrump’s immoral & hateful obsession with building a wall on the border. He should move on. #NoWallpic.twitter.com/HVXN0DcACg

— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) January 8, 2018

Not everyone is seeing things the way Pelosi does.

No we the people do NOT hate our President. We the people elected Donald J. Trump into office and he will build that wall. Snowflake

— D C Roy (@jr_croy) January 8, 2018

Point taken. Americans are fed up with the lack of a wall.

Bill and Schumer were all about it. What changed?

— ReneeforTrump (@Deplorablerenee) January 8, 2018

They must have realized the majority is against them.

Pelosi for RETIREMENT! Nancy, we spend more money in CA alone, for illegals, in ONE year, than the total cost of THE WALL. #BUILDTHEWALL

— Mark Landeene (@mdlandeene) January 8, 2018

They’re calling for your head, Nancy.

Maybe it’s time we put her in a home

— Eric Bolden (@daBolden26) January 8, 2018

Maybe she’d like those four walls.


— Rick Serafin (@RickSerafinAZ) January 8, 2018

But, remember…it’s okay for every other country to defend their borders, except the United States.


— pilar (@cowboysboots) January 8, 2018

Time to get ‘er done.

I guess you should have gotten off your ass a long time ago and did something about the Dreamers. Oh that is right, the protections kept getting extended so you did not have to do your job.

— Andrea W (@andreawalt2003) January 8, 2018

She wants to be able to walk away with her hands clean and say that she did everything she could to be a “humanitarian.”

We need to know who is coming and going. We also need good quality people. If you politicians would do your job, we may not need the wall.

— Mark Crotwell (@CrotwellMark) January 8, 2018

If you don’t want the wall, then fix other policies. It’s really not that hard.

Nancy your opposition to the wall reveals your disregard for the safety of American citizens, something that will be remembered in the midterms

— CaptainAmerica (@CaptAmrica) January 8, 2018

Gee. What a concept, putting Americans before foreigners.

Yawn. This is no longer an adequate response. You’re following rules of a game that is no longer being played.

— Bernie Schwartz (@Goingtothegulag) January 8, 2018

Translation: A picture on social media isn’t going to change a thing for you.

The Wall is a symbol of protection and fairness. It will allow more rapid immigration of skilled PPL while protecting their place in line. Must speaky de english 2.

— David Gee (@CurtG345) January 8, 2018

That makes sense. But this is how Democrats want it to be:

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