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Tower Garden

Tower Garden – The Garden Tower 2

It’s great to see so many recent tower garden innovations in urban gardening. High quality, organic produce is in demand as people eschew processed food in favor of fresh, chemical-free veggies. This trend has inspired a lot of development from various start-up companies intent on making urban gardening more bountiful. One of the most brilliant products in gardening tech that has recently appeared is the Garden Tower 2. A composting tower garden that allows the growth of some 50 plants in 4 square feet of space.


Photo: Garden Tower Project on Facebook

The Garden Tower 2 has a central hollow shaft where table scraps or any compostable organic waste can be thrown. The unique design of this large tower garden provides nourishment for plants, in addition, the heat created by the composting vegetable matter can lengthen the growing season of the system.

The Garden Tower 2 also functions as a worm bin. A small amount of worms can added before composting to generate a rich worm casting fertilizer soup that stimulates fast vegetable growth.


Photo: Garden Tower Project on Facebook

The design of the Garden Tower 2 also practically eliminates weed growth, reduces the need for watering compared to other types of container gardens, requires no electricity, and is very simple to use, making the system great for senior gardeners.

Garden Tower 2

Check out the Garden Tower 2 website

Empowering folks to grow their own vegetables in an era where the push is on to make people more dependant on factory farming is essential for a more sustainable environment and a higher quality of life for average people.

You can learn more about the Garden Tower 2 by visiting the following websites:
The Garden Tower 2 business site/order page
The Garden Tower Project on Facebook



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  1. Katie Tilka says:

    I love love love what looks to be a bunch of pottery stacked on top of each other. And then genius to put plants like that on it!! I’m looking to plant fresh herbs and right now every time I try something eats it,with this it looks moveable!! Of the &100 question where can I get one and how much!! I need so bad I miss my fresh herbs!! They are the best!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    This looks like a wonderful way to grow more food in less of a footprint! It is amazing how it holds 50 plants AND composts, too! I would love to have one (or more) of these for my garden! ~Adrienne

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