Keto Diet Beginner? These Tips Will Guide You

A Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that gets your body in a ketosis state. It’s a metabolic process in your body where fat is converted to ketones, and the body uses them as energy instead of carbs. Researchers found that the ketosis state is helpful for losing weight, boosting energy, as well as preventing depression and type 2 diabetes.

Before you start your Keto Diet here are some tips to guide you:

  • Commit 

Commit to your Keto diet because it is a lifestyle you will adapt to for quite some time. Your body takes around 2 weeks to get into the ketosis state and start burning fat, so be patient! 

  • Minimize Carbs also Hidden ones

Stay away from all sugary and starchy food like pasta, rice, potatoes, chocolates, and sodas. Remember that even hidden little carbs, like condiments or starchy vegetables, will spike your blood sugar and your insulin level which will stop the ketosis state. 

  • Cravings Solved!

If your cravings are giving you a hard time in the first phase, try adding more healthy fatty acids such as avocados, coconut oil, or even some nuts. They will keep down your cravings and balance your sugar level.

  • Don’t Over Obsess! 

When you start your Keto diet, sometimes you can’t keep up with all the calorie tracking and restrictions. According to, this is when it’s the right time to consider a Keto meal delivery service. It’s also important to be informed about what you can and can’t eat, signing up for a Keto meal delivery service will help take the guessing out of the equation. There are a lot of good ones out there that will easily help you to stay on track. 

  • Stay Hydrated

While your body is shifting into a ketosis phase, it will burn energy through your glycogen stores, flushing them out through excessive urination. So you better hydrate that body!

The more you move your body, the more you will get ketones! You might experience the Keto flu in the first couple of weeks, some headaches, or decreasing energy. Minimal exercise will help you with this phase and help you burn more. Try walking, swimming, take your bicycle for a spin, or maybe do some yoga- which can help your stress levels too.

  • Keep Stress away!

Keto and stress are not a good match. High stress levels produce Cortisol hormone, which releases adrenaline and glycogen, thus spiking up your blood sugar and lowering down the ketosis levels.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleeping is as important as the food intake and exercise; poor sleep can shift all your hormones and your ketosis phases. A good night’s sleep can actually help your body, lose weight and fight cravings. So next time you go to bed, put down your phone, shut down your TV and all the lights out, and sleep well! Adjust a sleep-wake schedule that fits your day. 

Keto dieting is different than all other traditional food diets. It might be stressful at first, but always make adjustments and try to find ways to lower the transition effect on your body. It is very rewarding in losing weight and staying healthy. Later, you would need to test your ketosis levels to make sure you’re right on track. 

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