Potty Training for Girls and Boys – Potty Training Tips

Most parents are fairly stressed about the when and how of potty training. Improper or rushed toilet training can negatively impact a young child. The first thing to remember when you start potty training is to take it easy, be generous with praise and do not show displeasure when mistakes are made. Some children can be potty trained very quickly while others may need more time. Do not stress too much about potty training, look at it as a fun first step in growing up. It is just another step in fostering toddler health, learning, and happiness.

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A boy urinates in his potty while someone reads a child book to him. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a boy or girl starts showing signs of readiness for potty training the training can begin. These signs can include not pooping at night as often, showing bladder and bowel control, showing interest in the potty and the ability to understand words associated with using the bathroom.

Potty Training Basics

Introduce your boy or girl to the potty chair, have them sit on it fully clothed.

Get your child to sit on the potty chair with his or her pants off – add a little gentle praise.

Have your child sit on the potty after a bowel movement, dump the contents of the diaper into the potty and tell your child that’s were poop and pee go.

Let your child go without diapers for a little while each day and and encourage the child to go if they need to. If they do, a little praise is in order – just don’t over do it, which can lead to stress in the child.

If at anytime during the process your child starts to show fear or stress, back off for a few weeks or a month, your child may not be ready.

These potty training tips are just a basic guide, use your imagination a bit. You know your child better than anyone else and you probably know what language and rewards may work the best. If you can, make a game out of it. Learning is fun.

A lot of great potting training guides have been published by folks like Chris Thompson, Carol Cline, Lora Jenson, Karen Katz, and Alona Frankel among many others. Do a little research into what you feel will be the best method for your particular child and make minor adjustments as you go through the process.


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  1. The first thing that the parents should keep in
    mind, that they must not be furious while giving training to their baby girl.
    These would be ideal for your daughter to apply with tape or glue to a potty chart.
    Also, it is able to understand verbal and non-verbal communication and
    make itself understood.

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    awesome tricks how easy it was for me then!!!

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